Pastor Writer

My Name is Chase Replogle.

I'm the pastor of Bent Oak Church, a writer & podcaster, and Author of The 5 Masculine Instincts.

Masculine Virtue

The Responsibility of Fatherhood: How Fatherhood Begins With Just Showing Up

Ibelieve it is a truth that a mother is made over a matter of months, but you always become a father in a single moment...

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Rereading the Samson Story

Why Every Millennial Man Should Reread The Samson Story

I like to imagine him in Ray-Bans, a man bun, and a CrossFit t-shirt, hiking through...

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Moana: A New Kind of Cultural Hero

The Essential Masculine Virtue: Finding The Strength Between Aggression and Disengagement

The Bible warns of man’s tendency to over-identify with his impulses of aggression and passivity...

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The Male Malaise

The Male Malaise: Why Confusion About Masculinity is Causing Too Many Men to Disengage and Check Out

Last week I got my hair cut. My barbershop has been feverishly adding locations and rebranding...

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Operation Finale

God Honors Excellence But I’m Allergic to Meat: And Yes, You Read That Correctly

Can you imagine Ron Swanson waking up to discover he was suddenly allergic to meat? No steaks, no brats...

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I “f ever there was a language, fashioned uniquely to men . . . invented just for them, Chase Replogle speaks it. This book is clear-headed, bold, and crisp. After nearly 40 years in the publishing business, I’ve been told that men don’t read books. Take a few minutes in this one and you will agree with me that this book is a happy exception. Men need to read this. I predict they will. I’m so glad I did.” — Robert Wolgemuth: Best-selling author

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