Pastor Writer

My Name is Chase Replogle.

I'm the pastor of Bent Oak Church, a writer & podcaster.

Rereading the Samson Story

Why Every Millennial Man Should Reread The Samson Story

I like to imagine him in Ray-Bans, a man bun, and a CrossFit t-shirt, hiking through...

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Operation Finale

Operation Finale: A Gripping Depiction of Mundane Evil

A few weeks ago, I saw the movie, Operation Finale. It tells the story of a secret Israeli operation...

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Jordan Peterson Christianity

4 Questions I Wish I Could Ask Jordan Peterson About Faith and Christianity

Central to the plot of Ayn Rand's classic 1957 novel, Atlas Shurgged, is the repeatedly posed quesiton...

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I deeply appreciate Chase’s desire to refresh orthodoxy for the modern reader. His commitment to the Gospel is clear, his ability to nuance spiritual truths with story is well-crafted, and the outcome of watching men like him fill the shoes God places them in is timely. — Heath Adamson: Author, Speaker, & Advocate. Chief of Staff, Convoy of Hope

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